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C04-2 colored alkyd enamel

Product Description

C04-2 colored alkyd enamel
Composition: refined by vegetable oil modified pentaerythritol resin, pigments, driers, a variety of additives and solvents from the preparation.
Features: Good outdoor weather resistance, good adhesion, shiny strong, covered with good, colorful and good physical and mechanical properties, can dry at room temperature can also be 60-70 ℃ low temperature drying.
Design Uses: Suitable for indoor and outdoor steel, wall and furniture, such as wood for the surface protection and decorative coating.
Color: Each color can refer to the color card, can also be specified according to user requirements color
Painting method: spray, brush, roller coating. Before use, the paint must be stirred evenly, if found coarse particles, crust should be filtered to remove
Painting interval: 23 ± 2 ℃: the shortest 24 hours, the maximum is not limited
Surface treatment: grass-roots as the old paint or too smooth, should be sanded with fine sandpaper, and then construction, construction should be clean before the base, no dust, oil and other impurities
Painting Road: Recommended 2, dry film total thickness of 60 microns
Diluent: X-6 Alkyd Solvent Dosage 10-20%
Shelf life: 12 months (the remaining paint surface can cover turpentine or 200 # solvent oil to prevent crust)

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