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C53-1 colored alkyd antirust paint

Product Description

C53-1 colored alkyd antirust paint
Composition: modified by the alkyd resin, rust paint, physical pigments, driers, solvents and other preparation.
Features: Good anti-rust and good adhesion, dry fast, hard film, with good construction performance.
Design Uses: Suitable for bridges, steel structures, towers, vehicles and other mechanical equipment surface primer rust.
Color: Each color can refer to the color card, can also be specified according to user requirements color
Painting method: brushing, roller coating, must be used before the paint stir evenly, if found coarse particles, crust should be filtered to remove
Coating interval: 23 ± 2 ℃: the shortest 24 hours, up to three months
Painting Road: Recommended 2 Road,
Construction reference: 1, before the road paint should be completely dry, in addition to the road before the paint on the paint and impurities
2, for direct coating on the steel, the steel required by the shot blasting or sandblasting treatment, to achieve the Swedish rust level Sa2.5 or manual rust St3
3, the workshop primer surface is subject to the second derusting to achieve the Swedish derusting standard St3 level
Thinner: X-6 alkyd diluent theoretical dosage 5-15%
Shelf life: 12 months (the remaining paint surface can cover turpentine or 200 # solvent oil to prevent crust)

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