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C01-1 Alkyd varnish

Product Description

C01-1 Alkyd varnish
Composed of alkyd resin, driers, special additives and organic solvents from the preparation.
Features with good adhesion, flexibility, durability, glossy full, clear and transparent paint, can be dried at room temperature, but also in the low temperature drying.
Use for indoor and outdoor metal, wood surface layer of the cover, but also painted furniture, doors and windows.
Color transparent and bright
Theoretical dosage of 250 grams / square meter
Technical indicators This product is in line with "interior decoration materials solvent wood coatings harmful substances" national mandatory standards GB18581-2009
Painting method Spraying, brushing
Painting interval 23 ± 2 ℃: the shortest 24 hours, the maximum is not limited
The surface finish should be completely dry before removing the oil and impurities on the paint
Diluent X-6 Alkyd Solvent Dosage 10-20%
Before the paint lacquer primer, alkyd enamel, until the bottom completely dry (usually 24h) after the cover.
Storage period of 12 months (the remaining paint surface can cover turpentine or 200 # solvent oil to prevent crust)

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